concealed-carry-brady-sqPlease take action and help us stop federally mandated conceal carry! The House and Senate are considering two dangerous bills, H.R.402 and S.498, which would require New York and other strong gun law states to recognize the concealed carry permits of gun owners from all other states–no matter how weak their gun laws.

So if these dangerous bills passed, a visitor from Texas would be allowed to carry his gun into a place like Times Square, Grand Central Station or even the corner bar. Even dangerous individuals with criminal records or histories of violence would be allowed to freely carry their weapons into our state, endangering the safety of New Yorkers.

If federally mandated concealed carry becomes law, it would preempt New York’s strong gun laws.

“It’s a nightmare for New York law enforcement,” commented New York Senator Charles Schumer in Gail Collins’s piece in the Times, “A Gun on Every Corner.” “This is awful, awful, awful,” he added.

Take action now!

Tell your members of Congress to say NO to federally mandated concealed carry.