schenectady-daily-gazette-logoWe couldn’t agree more with this statement by the editorial board of the  The Daily Gazette of Schenectady.  The June 23 piece was written  in support of Nicholas’s Law (A.53/S.2291), which NYAGV has been advocating for and recently passed the New York State Assembly.

Nicholas’s Law would require gun owners to lock and safely store their guns away when the gun is not in the “immediate possession or control” of the gun owner. The Gazette correctly points out what that means: 

“The key phrase here is “immediate possession or control.” If you’re sleeping with your gun under your pillow at night so you can shoot a burglar, it doesn’t have to be locked up. If you’re carrying it around on your shoulder while stalking a deer, it doesn’t have to be locked up. If it’s in your purse while you’re walking down a dark alley, it doesn’t have to be locked up.”

Nicholas’s Law, as The Gazette claims, is a safety issue: 

“This is not a Second Amendment issue. It’s not a Safe Act issue. It’s not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. It’s not going to prevent anyone from owning a gun or from using weapons to hunt, or shoot targets, protect their homes from intruders or defend themselves. It’s purely and simply a safety issue. The safety of our children. The safety of people considering suicide. The safety of domestic violence victims. The safety of people victimized by stolen guns.”

Nicholas’s Law is about gun owner responsibility: 

“None of the arguments against this common-sense safety bill hold water. If you own a gun, you’re responsible for keeping it safe. It’s that simple. How on Earth could anyone be opposed to that?”

See the full article from the Schenectady Gazette here. 

The New York State Senate still needs to take action on Nicholas’s Law. Please send Senate leaders a message by clicking here.