On May 7, NYAGV, Youth Over Guns, students from NYAGV’s ReACTION youth education program, volunteers and lawmakers rallied at the state Capitol to support gun violence prevention legislation. (Read NYAGV’s complete press release here.)

Youth leaders thanked state legislators for passing a package of life-saving gun safety bills during 2019 and called for additional measures that will keep them safe in their schools and communities.

NYAGV’s Rebecca Fischer speaking in Albany.

“While Washington does little to protect us from the gun violence epidemic that plagues our communities, we are so grateful to have leaders here in New York who have led the way on gun violence prevention this year,” said Rebecca Fischer, NYAGV Executive Director. “We urge the Legislature to pass bills that will keep our young people safe.”

New measures include:

– Ban on Undetectable Firearms: “3-D ghost guns” include guns made with 3-D printers or assembled at home from kits easily purchased online, guns without serial numbers, or guns that are not detectable by metal detectors. This law would require that all guns be assembled by a licensed gunsmith with a serial number and with detectable metal and are also registered to ensure traceability.

-The Safe and Supportive Schools Act (S0767 Montgomery/A1981 Benedetto): This bill would help keep students safe, prevent violence, and address the school-to-prison pipeline by providing New York’s students with the support they need to thrive within school and also in their communities.  Gun violence continues to disproportionately impact Black, Latinx, disabled, LGBTQIA+, and economically disadvantaged youth, and the bill would provide for measures for supportive, restorative, and just practices and protocols that will facilitate success and break the cycle of violence and incarceration.

– Gun Violence Research Institute (S4363 Persaud/A3008 Simon):  Unlike other major public health concerns, such as car accidents and cancer, very little research has been done on gun violence due to the lack of federal funding. This bill would increase state funding (from the $250,000 allocated this year) and establish a gun violence research institute at the State University of New York (SUNY).

Read NYAGV’s complete press release here.