Hundreds of students from across the state joined NYAGV, state legislators, and other gun violence prevention advocates in Albany for Advocacy Day on May 15. The group held a press conference and rally for the enactment of the New York Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) bill before the legislative session ends in June.

The ERPO bill–which passed the state Assembly but needs to be taken up by the Senate–would enable family members and others to petition a court to remove guns from individuals who are dangerous to themselves or others. This crucial bill will help prevent suicides, mass shootings, and other gun crimes.

The students came from communities in all five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester, the Hudson Valley, Saratoga Springs, Albany, and Buffalo. They met with their legislators, spoke about how gun violence affects their communities, and delivered more than 1,000 postcards supporting ERPO they collected at the March for Our Lives rally. Many of the students attending were part of the NYAGV’s ReACTION YouthEducation Program to reduce gun violence.

Highlights from Albany Advocacy Day

Meghan Hall, student advocate from Buffalo: “We cannot allow gun violence to prevail. . . It is time to stand up for my upstate community.”

ReACTION student Consuelo Piedra urged media to pay attention to gun violence happening in communities of color.

Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon: “The ERPO bill will help prevent people from harming themselves or others.”

NYAGV’s Rebecca Fischer: “To protect our families and communities, New York must fill dangerous gaps that remain in our state law and pass ERPO legislation.”

Joey Wong, left, a graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: “We can stop others from experiencing this horror and grief. New York must pass ERPO now to get guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals.”

“I am here today to speak up for all those lives that have been lost and current survivors of gun violence,” said Maimouna Camara, student at the Leadership for Public Service High School.





Gregory Williams, a student at City-As School High School: “ Because we are dying, we have to fight for our lives!”

Student John Papadier from Staten Island.