New York State vs. Federal Gun Laws

          Law New York U.S.
1.     Requires background checks by licensed dealers.
2.     Requires background checks for all gun sales, including gun shows, Internet and other private sales.
3.     Requires background checks for all ammunition sales.
4.     Bans the manufacturing, sale, transport, and possession of firearms, rifles, shotguns, and the major components of 3-D printed guns and other weapons undetectable by X-ray machines.  

5.     Requires a license for all handgun sales.
6.     Allows law enforcement discretion in issuing concealed carry permits.
7.     Requires owners to report lost or stolen guns to law enforcement.
8.     Prohibits the sale of military style assault weapons.
9.     Prohibits the sale of large capacity magazines.
10.   Requires gun dealers to report lost or stolen firearms.
11.   Allows inspection of gun dealers.
12.   Prohibits guns near schools and college campuses.
13.   Requires gun owners who live with children under 16, or who know a child could gain access to their gun, to safely store their weapons when not in their immediate possession or control.

14.   Prohibits the possession, manufacture, transport and disposition of rapid-fire modification devices, also known as “bump stocks.


15.   Enables extreme risk protection orders for removing firearms from individuals who pose a serious threat to themselves or others.


16.   Allows 30 days for law enforcement to complete a background check and confirm approval before a New York gun dealer can sell to a purchaser.

17.   Prohibits K-12 schools from arming teachers and administrators, in order to help prevent deaths and injuries that may occur with more guns in schools.