–Marks Significant Progress in NYAGV’s State Legislative Agenda–

This week Governor Andrew Cuomo signed six new gun safety laws that NYAGV had advocated for over many years.

Nicholas Naumkin

The new laws include:

  1. Safe Storage/Child Access Prevention—One of NYAGV’s top legislative priorities, the law requires gun owners who live with children under 16, or who know a child could gain access to their gun, to safely store their weapons when not in their immediate possession or control. The measure was spurred by the death of 12-year-old Nicholas Naumkin of Saratoga Springs (right), who was killed by a friend who was playing with his father’s gun.
  2. Ban on Undetectable “Ghost” Guns—Bans the manufacturing, sale, transport, and possession of firearms, rifles, shotguns, and the major components of 3-D printed guns and other weapons undetectable by X-ray machines.
  3. Background Check Extensions—Extends the number of days from three to 30 days allowed for law enforcement to complete a background check and confirm approval before a New York gun dealer can sell to a purchaser.
  4. Bump Stock Ban–Prohibits the possession, manufacture, transport and disposition of rapid-fire modification devices, also known as “bump stocks.
  5. Ban on Arming Educators–Prohibits K-12 schools from arming teachers and administrators, in order to help prevent deaths and injuries that may occur with more guns in schools.
  6. Gun Buyback Program — Directs the New York State Police to develop a statewide standard for gun buyback programs, replicating programs successfully operating around the State.

Rebecca Fischer, NYAGV Executive Director, said, “Today, New York State has again made it a priority to protect our children and communities with this strong, sensible gun violence prevention legislation. NYAGV has been fighting for 25 years for a child access prevention law in New York State to prevent unintentional shootings, teen suicides, school shootings, and gun thefts.  We are grateful to Governor Cuomo and to our New York lawmakers who have the courage to take action and enact life-saving laws.”

Read NYAGV’s complete statement here.

With your support, we can accomplish even more in the legislative arena and in youth advocacy to help keep New Yorkers safe from gun violence.