Some mentally ill people will find it easier to buy guns, thanks to the Senate.

Congress is making it easier for mentally ill people to buy firearms, after the Senate voted 57-43 to approve to H.J.Res. 40 on February 16. The resolution, expected to be signed by the President, will undo regulations implemented by former President Barack Obama that would have prevented an estimated 75,000 people with mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm.

Obama’s rule strengthened the federal background check system to require the Social Security Administration to report the names of certain beneficiaries with mental impairments.

But the NRA-backed House and Senate, emboldened by Trump’s pro-gun stance, moved quickly to void Obama’s rule, which may have prevented the loss of American lives.

Shame the Senators Who Voted for This Dangerous Resolution

NYAGV thanks New York’s Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer for voting “no” on HJ Res. 40. But shame on the 57 Senators who voted “yay” for this dangerous resolution! Please take action and call them, email them, and call them out by name on social media. The roll call vote:

Take action against the 57 Senators who voted “yay” for this dangerous resolution! Call them, email them, and call them out by name on social media. Here’s the roll call vote:

Vote Details

A “yea” voted approved HJ Res. 40, to void an Obama-era measure to strengthen background checks.

Vote Party Representative State
Yea   R   Shelby, Richard AL
Yea   R   Strange, Luther AL
Yea   R   Murkowski, Lisa AK
Yea   R   Sullivan, Dan AK
Yea   R   Flake, Jeff AZ
Yea   R   McCain, John AZ
Yea   R   Boozman, John AR
Yea   R   Cotton, Tom AR
Nay   D   Feinstein, Dianne CA
Nay   D   Harris, Kamala CA
Nay   D   Bennet, Michael CO
Yea   R   Gardner, Cory CO
Nay   D   Blumenthal, Richard CT
Nay   D   Murphy, Christopher CT
Nay   D   Carper, Thomas DE
Nay   D   Coons, Chris DE
Nay   D   Nelson, Bill FL
Yea   R   Rubio, Marco FL
Yea   R   Isakson, John GA
Yea   R   Perdue, David GA
Nay   D   Hirono, Mazie HI
Nay   D   Schatz, Brian HI
Yea   R   Crapo, Michael ID
Yea   R   Risch, James ID
Nay   D   Duckworth, Tammy IL
Nay   D   Durbin, Richard IL
Yea   D   Donnelly, Joe IN
Yea   R   Young, Todd IN
Yea   R   Ernst, Joni IA
Yea   R   Grassley, Chuck IA
Yea   R   Moran, Jerry KS
Yea   R   Roberts, Pat KS
Yea   R   McConnell, Mitch KY
Vote Party Representative State
Yea   R   Paul, Rand KY
Yea   R   Cassidy, Bill LA
Yea   R   Kennedy, John LA
Yea   R   Collins, Susan ME
Yea   I   King, Angus ME
Nay   D   Cardin, Benjamin MD
Nay   D   Van Hollen, Chris MD
Nay   D   Markey, Ed MA
Nay   D   Warren, Elizabeth MA
Nay   D   Peters, Gary MI
Nay   D   Stabenow, Debbie MI
Nay   D   Franken, Al MN
Nay   D   Klobuchar, Amy MN
Yea   R   Cochran, Thad MS
Yea   R   Wicker, Roger MS
Yea   R   Blunt, Roy MO
Nay   D   McCaskill, Claire MO
Yea   R   Daines, Steve MT
Yea   D   Tester, Jon MT
Yea   R   Fischer, Deb NE
Yea   R   Sasse, Benjamin NE
Nay   D   Cortez Masto, Catherine NV
Yea   R   Heller, Dean NV
New Hampshire
Nay   D   Hassan, Maggie NH
Nay   D   Shaheen, Jeanne NH
New Jersey
Nay   D   Booker, Cory NJ
Nay   D   Menéndez, Bob NJ
New Mexico
Nay   D   Heinrich, Martin NM
Nay   D   Udall, Tom NM
New York
Nay   D   Gillibrand, Kirsten NY
Nay   D   Schumer, Chuck NY
North Carolina
Yea   R   Burr, Richard NC
Yea   R   Tillis, Thom NC
North Dakota
Vote Party Representative State
Yea   D   Heitkamp, Heidi ND
Yea   R   Hoeven, John ND
Nay   D   Brown, Sherrod OH
Yea   R   Portman, Rob OH
Yea   R   Inhofe, Jim OK
Yea   R   Lankford, James OK
Nay   D   Merkley, Jeff OR
Nay   D   Wyden, Ron OR
Nay   D   Casey, Bob PA
Yea   R   Toomey, Pat PA
Rhode Island
Nay   D   Reed, John RI
Nay   D   Whitehouse, Sheldon RI
South Carolina
Yea   R   Graham, Lindsey SC
Yea   R   Scott, Tim SC
South Dakota
Yea   R   Rounds, Mike SD
Yea   R   Thune, John SD
Yea   R   Alexander, Lamar TN
Yea   R   Corker, Bob TN
Yea   R   Cornyn, John TX
Yea   R   Cruz, Ted TX
Yea   R   Hatch, Orrin UT
Yea   R   Lee, Mike UT
Nay   D   Leahy, Patrick VT
Nay   I   Sanders, Bernie VT
Nay   D   Kaine, Timothy VA
Nay   D   Warner, Mark VA
Nay   D   Cantwell, Maria WA
Nay   D   Murray, Patty WA
West Virginia
Yea   R   Capito, Shelley WV
Yea   D   Manchin, Joe WV
Nay   D   Baldwin, Tammy WI
Yea   R   Johnson, Ron WI
Yea   R   Barrasso, John WY
Yea   R   Enzi, Michael WY