The gunman entering Santa Monica College library.

The gunman entering Santa Monica College library.

It’s all sadly familiar: A disturbed young man armed with an assault weapon and multiple rounds of ammunition goes on a rampage. This time it was in Santa Monica, where John Zawahri, 23, was heavily armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and 1800 rounds of ammunition, and killed five.

Because the police were quick to respond to the scene, they were able to limit the carnage when they killed the gunman. With the amount of ammunition being carried by the gunman, police suspect the gunman may have had plans to kill hundreds.

How many mass shootings will it take to convince Congress to act? We need federal common sense gun laws: Bans on assault weapons, bans on high-capacity magazines, and universal background checks to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and disturbed individuals.


Contact your Congressional representatives and Senators and tell them you demand they act now to enact gun safety laws to keep us safe!

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