According to the New York State Police, 44,485 assault weapons have been registered by 23,847 New Yorkers under the requirements of the NY SAFE Act.

While the NY SAFE Act, passed in January 2013, banned military-style assault weapons, people who already owned such weapons were allowed to keep them, but were required to register those weapons with the State Police.

New Yorkers support the SAFE Act's provisions on assault weapons. (Click image to enlarge.)

New Yorkers support the NY SAFE Act’s provisions on assault weapons. (Click image to enlarge.)

According to a recent survey, 75% of New York voters–including 67% of gun owning households–support the assault weapons provision of the NY SAFE Act. (See image, right.)

“We do not know how many assault weapons are out there that haven’t been registered. We’re hoping that all law-abiding gun owners have, in fact, abided by New York State law and registered their weapons,” said NYAGV Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett.

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