The recent school shooting near Seattle is the 87th school shooting since the Newtown massacre less than two years ago. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families in this latest senseless tragedy.

Police report that the weapon used in this latest shooting was owned by a family member.

Unfortunately, guns in the home are too often the source of school shootings. According to a research report by, among school shootings where the gun source was determined, 75% of the shooters got their guns from their homes.

It’s clear that gun owners need to lock up and safely store their guns–so they’re kept out of reach of children and teens.

We need safe storage laws to help prevent murders like these, suicides and accidental shootings, as well as gun thefts.

In New York State, NYAGV is advocating for Nicholas’s Law, A.8293/S.7822, for safe storage and child access prevention. Read more about Nicholas’s Law and what you can do to help, and sign the petition for Nicholas’s Law on the right side of this page.