Paola Paez

In addition to Edward Skyler, Citi’s Executive Vice President for Global Public Affairs, and Eric Gonzalez, Brooklyn District Attorney, two youth advocates will be honored at the NYAGV Education Fund’s 2018 Annual Benefit & Silent Auction on Tuesday, October 9.

The event, which benefits youth and community programs to reduce gun violence, will be held at 6:30 pm at the Edison Ballroom in New York City.

The students, Paola Paez and Gregory Williams, are alumni of the NYAGV Education Fund’s ReAction Youth Education Program and are graduates of City-As High School in Manhattan.  Paez is a Bronx native and completed high school in three years, graduating at age 16.  Williams lives in Harlem and was the first to participate in NYAGV’s new summer fellowship program.

Gregory Williams

Both honorees have lost loved ones to gun violence and are determined to make their communities safer.  After the Parkland mass shooting, they led their high school’s walk-out and joined Youth Over Guns (YOG), a youth-led initiative committed to empowering people of color to fight gun violence.  In June, Paez and Williams helped lead YOG and nearly 1500 New Yorkers in a march over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Students like Paola and Gregory have brought new energy to the gun violence prevention (GVP) movement.

Please reserve your tickets now and honor these student leaders and help support a new generation of GVP leaders!

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