Guns are still rampant in many New York neighborhoods–but teens in the reACTION Program reevaluate the role of guns in their lives and learn that guns don’t make them safe.

ReACTION is the NYAGV Education Fund’s full-year youth education program that teaches New York City students about gun violence and inspires them to take action against it.

Ninety-six of the kids surveyed said they knew someone who owns a gun–so these middle-and high-school students have to deal with guns and gun violence on a daily basis. The reACTION Program helps empower them, build their skills, and change their attitudes.

After completing the program:

  • 97% said “Owning a gun does not make me safer.”
  • 92% said “I can make my community a better place.”

ReACTION students are more knowledgeable about gun violence issues and are more prepared to take action. By turning the belief that gun possession makes one safer into an understanding of the issues surrounding gun violence, these kids are more likely to use their skills to make change and help make their schools and communities safer places.

reACTION Survey Chart_2

Teens change their attitudes about guns and gun violence after completing the reACTION Program.

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