With your help and support, this past year NYAGV was able to reach more New Yorkers all over the state to educate them about gun violence and what they can do to prevent it. But as the headlines show, so much more needs to be done. In just a few short weeks, we’ll have a President and Congress that have the strong backing of the gun industry lobby—so now more than ever, we need your support to protect the progress we’ve made and to keep the momentum going.

albany day 2014 girl w sign 2 croppedNYAGV focuses on gun violence prevention in your communities. All over the state—in Buffalo, Rochester, the Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Long Island, New York City and beyond—we’re working on the ground to increase awareness and educate students and the public about common sense gun violence prevention. NYAGV is the only independent state-based organization dedicated to preventing gun violence in New York. We’ve been working to ensure safer communities for more than 20 years and we’ll continue to lead the way.

We need to protect children from unsecured guns. We need to teach teens that they have a voice in their communities and that guns don’t give them power. And we need to keep guns away from dangerous people. This is why I’m asking for your support today.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to the NYAGV Education Fund and help us continue these valuable efforts to build a safer New York for you and for all fellow New Yorkers.

Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful and safe holiday season and New Year.




Paul V. May, Board President


P.S. Together we can keep the momentum going! Please click here to give your year-end contribution. Thank you!

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