Hi, my name is Andrea Gonzalez and I am the Director of Operations for Youth Over Guns.  Our mission is to empower young people of color to advocate for policy and community-based solutions that will reduce and end gun violence in our neighborhoods.

I went to Albany last year with NYAGV and a group from my high school in Staten Island. We shared our fears and experiences–like a shooting threat and lockdown at our own school just one week after the Parkland massacre. Yet some legislators told us that they were NOT willing to make the changes needed to protect us. 

After that moment, I decided to work even harder with my community and peers at Youth Over Guns to bring change to our community.  We led local events and urged people to vote for gun sense candidates at the polls.  And it worked! Young people and our allies across New York elected a majority of gun violence prevention champions to the state legislature.

I’m so proud that Youth Over Guns has merged with NYAGV and that together we will be returning to Albany on May 7. NYAGV is providing us with the opportunity to make sure our voices–especially the voices of those who are marginalized–are heard and uplifted. 

I hope you’ll support us for Albany Youth Advocacy Day. Each $40 you donate will cover the costs of one student’s round-trip bus transportation, breakfast and lunch, and lobbying materials.

Thank you for supporting Youth Over Guns, NYAGV, and the next generation of GVP leaders!

In solidarity,

Andrea Gonzalez, Director of Operations for Youth Over Guns

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