Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a “memorandum of understanding” with the state’s Senate Republicans agreeing to suspend the ammunition background check requirements that are part of the NY SAFE Act passed into law in 2013.

Governor Cuomo signing the NY SAFE Act in January 2013.

Governor Cuomo signing the NY SAFE Act in 2013.

NYAGV strongly opposes this memorandum and strongly supports background checks on ammunition sales, which help save lives.

On July 12, NYAGV issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s memo:

The SAFE Act has been effective in keeping guns out of dangerous hands and enjoys wide popular support. Governor Cuomo knows this which is why last year he ran on and won re-election on the success of the law.

Suspending work on the background check system for ammunition sales, a system that is backed by 72% of New Yorkers, is an unnecessary and disappointing move that will make New Yorkers less safe and give anti gun safety advocates a veto over ever implementing the ammunition database.

We know background checks save lives. Implementing background check systems at the state level is clearly doable since many states already conduct their own background checks. New York State has the ability to prevent dangerous people from buying ammunition. It is extremely disappointing that the Governor would sacrifice this portion of the law to a conference that has been consistently hostile to gun safety legislation.

However, yesterday’s statement by the Governor’s Counsel provided some comfort that the Governor’s office intends to one day move forward with its commitment to develop the database. We now ask Governor Cuomo to share a date certain by which this work will be completed and offer our support in working with the New York State Police to resolve any ongoing technical issues.

Take action!

Please contact Governor Cuomo’s office and demand he follow the law and implement background checks on ammunition sales:

Call the Governor at (518) 474-8390; fax him at 518) 474-1513 , or email him at