In the aftermath of yet another hate-driven mass shooting, this time at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, we grieve for the victims, their families and friends, the Jewish community, and for our entire nation. Hate and easy access to guns are a lethal mix that cannot be tolerated.

While the President has claimed that this latest rampage had “little to do” with the nation’s gun laws, we disagree. We know that Congress’s failure to act has continued to endanger Americans in places of worship, at school, at concerts, and in communities across this country.

Just a few months ago, Rabbi Jeffrey Meyers of the Tree of Life Congregation reflected on the relentless barrage of violence and discrimination on his blog.  He wrote, “Unless there is a dramatic turnaround in the mid-term elections, I fear that that the status quo will remain unchanged, and school shootings will resume…Where are our leaders?”

Where are our leaders? And why haven’t they acted to protect us? Again, we call on Congress and the President to pass a federal assault weapons ban and other common sense gun laws. Will they step up and lead and act to stop the carnage? Or will they continue to bow to the gun lobby? Unfortunately, we know the answer.

That means we need new leaders who will take action. Please use your vote on November 6th to support only those candidates who’ll stand up to the gun lobby and act to pass crucial laws to keep us safe.

Please click the links below for the candidates in New York who are committed to this fight and have been endorsed by NYAGV:

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