We’re stunned and disappointed not to have a strong gun violence prevention champion in the White House next year.

But know this: We are not giving up our vision of a safer, more peaceful future for every community and every family in New York State. We’ve been here before. We don’t despair: We organize. In the next four years, any meaningful progress on gun violence will be at the state and local level, and here in New York we will continue to lead the fight.

NYAGV is the only independent state-based organization dedicated to preventing gun violence in New York. We’ve been working to ensure safer communities for more than 20 years, through heady times and times of despair. We made remarkable progress with passage of the SAFE Act, and we now have a larger, more energized network of volunteers throughout the state than ever before. Gun extremists may be energized by this election, but we know the majority of New Yorkers and Americans are on the side of sensible gun laws. Even in this election, gun safety polices won at the polls via ballot initiative in California, Washington state, and Nevada.

Will you turn despair into action and encourage one friend to join us today? Then redouble your commitment to work for sensible laws in New York – to keep children safe from unsecured guns, to disarm abusers and keep women safe, and to deny guns to those who are threatening danger to themselves or others.