This past week, New York State Senators and Assembly members passed six new bills to reduce gun violence that will become law upon the Governor’s signature. The gun lobby and its supporters are already gearing up to oppose those who supported these bills–so it’s important we all show these legislators our appreciation!

Please contact your representatives and thank them for their leadership in passing these sensible, life-saving measures to prevent gun violence in New York.

1. Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO/”Red Flag”) Law S2451 (Kavanagh)/A2689 (Simon)–Empowers family and household members, law enforcement, and school officials to petition a court to suspend access to guns of a person in crisis. Senate vote • Assembly vote 

2. Background Check Extension S2374 (Gianaris)/A2690 (Paulin)– Extends the number of days from three to 30 days allowed for law enforcement to complete a background check. Senate vote  • Assembly vote

3. Bump Stock Ban S2448 (Sepulveda)/A2648 (Fahy)–Prohibits the possession, manufacture, transport and disposition of rapid-fire modification devices, also known as “bump stocks.” Senate vote  • Assembly vote

4. Ban on Arming Educators S101A (Kaminsky)/A1715A (Griffin)– Prohibits schools (K-12) from arming teachers, administrators, or any other person not primarily employed as a school resource officer, law enforcement officer, or security officer. Senate vote  • Assembly vote

5. Out-of-State Mental Health Records Check S2438 (Kaplan)/A1213 (Hunter)-–  Authorizes a check of home-state mental health records of an out-of-state resident who applies for a New York State gun permit and requires the applicant to authorize the release of records. Senate voteAssembly vote

6. Gun Buyback Program S2449 (Mayer)/A2685 (L. Rosenthal)–Directs the New York State Police to develop a statewide standard for gun buyback programs. Senate vote  • Assembly vote

Thank you for thanking them!