Photo: Washington Post

Photo: Washington Post

Last night, MSNBC correspondent Chuck Todd, noting that the NRA was the only major organization that strongly supported Donald Trump throughout the campaign, commented, “The NRA just bought a Supreme Court seat.” Scary thought.

NYAGV is disappointed with the election of Donald Trump, because he stands against policies that would help prevent or reduce gun violence.

Here’s where President-elect Trump stands on gun laws and policies:

  • He believes concealed-carry permits should be valid in all 50 states.
  • He wants to get rid of “gun-free” zones at schools and other places.
  • He promised to appoint a pro-gun-rights justice to the Supreme Court.

NYAGV is hopeful that as President, Trump will recognize the need to reduce each year’s 33,000 American deaths from gun violence, and join the majority of Americans that support strong background checks and other measures to save lives. We call on our supporters to continue to be vigilant in making our voices heard and demanding common-sense gun laws.