fred dicker

Talk Show host Fred Dicker, who referred to the Sandy Hook shootings as a “little convenient massacre.”

Fred Dicker, host of “Live from the State Capitol” on Talk 1300 AM, should apologize for his comments today calling the tragic Sandy Hook shootings a “little convenient massacre.”

Twenty school children and six educators were shot and killed during the shootings in December, 2012.

NYAGV Executive Director, Leah Gunn Barrett, stated, “The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary was a heartbreaking tragedy for the 26 families that lost their loved ones and for the nation as a whole. For Fred Dicker to call such an event “convenient” is shocking. Mr. Dicker should issue an immediate on-air apology to the Newtown families who lost children and loved ones on that life changing morning last December. Until he takes that step, we are calling on advertisers to stand in solidarity with the families of Newtown by boycotting media outlets that give Mr. Dicker a platform for such hateful comments including the New York Post and Talk1300AM.”

Barrett added, “Gun violence takes thousands of lives every year, causing unspeakable heartbreak and grief for families. No matter what your politics, these victims deserve our respect and support, and we as a society cannot stand idly by when their tragedies are instead offered derision and disdain.”