Gun violence is a public health crisis that claims 33,000 American lives each year. Despite this, the federal government bans research on gun violence and its prevention (thanks to the 1997 NRA-backed “Dickey Amendment”).

New York and other states must take action to fill this gap and help research ways to prevent gun violence and the deaths and injuries it causes.

Legislation Would Create a Firearm Violence Research Institute in New York

A.2977/S.4363, sponsored by New York State Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon and Senator Roxanne Persaud, would create a Firearm Violence Research Institute in New York. Establishing this research center will help ensure a long-term effort toward understanding and preventing future firearm-related violence against New Yorkers.

While other major health and safety concerns such as motor vehicle accidents, heart disease, and tobacco have rightly received expanded research, far too little research has been conducted on firearm violence. Investment in scientific research helped identify ways to reduce motor vehicle deaths, from seat belts to frontal airbags, and saved hundreds of thousands of lives without banning cars. The same thing can and should be done about guns and gun violence.

Please sign the petition to urge Governor Cuomo to create a Firearm Violence Research Institute and include $5 million for its funding in the 2018-2019 Executive State Budget.

Governor Cuomo has been a champion for strong gun laws, and with this measure, New York State will continue to lead the way on gun violence prevention. Thank you for your support!