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States like New York that require background checks on all gun sales have almost 50% less domestic homicides, law enforcement homicides, and suicides, according to a recent report by Everytown for Gun Safety.

In the states that require background checks for unlicensed, “private” handgun sales, which includes 14 states and Washington D.C.:

Domestic Violence: Women are 46% less likely to be shot to death by intimate partners.
Suicide: Controlling for population, there are 48% fewer gun suicides.
Law Enforcement: Law enforcement officers are 48% less likely to be killed with handguns.

In New York–which has the fourth lowest gun death rate in the country–the NY SAFE Act requires criminal background checks on all gun sales. The Act–which just marked its second anniversary–also strengthens the state’s ban on military-style assault weapons and requires gun license recertification every five years. Click here for a summary of the New York SAFE Act.