Please help keep guns away from individuals in crisis by supporting New York’s Extreme Risk Protection Order bill (A.6994/ S.5447) (“ERPO”).

September is Suicide Awareness Month–and we can reduce suicides in our state by enacting this crucial legislation. The ERPO bill would enable family members and others to petition a court to remove guns from individuals who are dangerous to themselves or others.

Individuals in crisis often exhibit “red flag” behavior or other warning signs indicating that they are dangerous to themselves or others.  But under current law, even when loved ones report their fears to law enforcement, police may not have the authority to intervene. The ERPO law would enable family, household members, and law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily suspend the individual’s access to firearms.

Access to guns significantly increases the probability that attempted suicide will end in fatality. An ERPO law is a critical tool for preventing and reducing gun violence, and in particular, suicides–and states with ERPO laws have seen reductions in suicide rates.

Take action!

Please click here to sign the ERPO petition today.

Read more about the bill with NYAGV’s Extreme Risk Protection Order fact sheet.

Thank you for taking action to prevent suicides in New York.