New Yorkers Against Gun Violence has just issued a new report, Anonymous Shell Casings, that highlights the devastating impact of unsolved gun crimes on families across New York, and the frustration experienced by law enforcement when there is little or no evidence to work with. NYAGV included an interactive map of the report that can be found below.

Every week families across New York are ripped apart by gun violence, the lives of law enforcement officers are put at risk and police departments are left to solve heinous crimes with few leads and little or no evidence. Except for shell casings. Shell casings are frequently left at crime scenes where semi-automatic pistols were used. Microstamping will identify those shell casings and help police put violent criminals behind bars.

Using news clippings, the majority from the last two years, this report explores unsolved gun crimes where no gun was found at a crime scene but where anonymous shell casings were recovered.

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NYAGV created a video from a handful of news clippings found in the Anonymous Shell Casings report. Take a look.

NYAGV created an interactive map of all the articles contained in Anonymous Shell Casings. Each article is mapped to the nearest address as could be determined from the news article. For more details about each article on the map, click a map place mark for a link to the full article and to see the article headline, location, date, article source, microstamping fact sheets and more. Click here to view a larger version of the map.

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