candle-memorialOn the three-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, vigils were held in remembrance of the 26 children and educators killed that day, and to remember all victims whose lives were lost to gun violence.

The Sandy Hook massacre occurred on December 14, 2012, and Congress has yet to enact any measures that wold strengthen gun laws to prevent such as tragedy.

The vigil at Congregational Church in Chappaqua.

The vigil at Congregational Church in Chappaqua.

At the NYAGV-hosted a vigil at SUNY Buffalo on Sunday, Paul McQuillen, NYAGV coordinator, commented, “Gun violence saturates our children’s lives and remains the 2nd leading cause of death of children in America. It’s the leading cause of death of black children in America. American children are nine times more likely to die in gun accidents than anywhere else in the civilized world.”

Assemblyman Sean Ryan, D-Buffalo, at the vigil, stated, “It’s almost unimaginable to think that people who are on the terrorist watch list, that are unable to board an airplane, can fully and legally buy weapons of all sorts in the United States with no restriction.” Click here to see Assemblyman Ryan’s Powerpoint presentation, “A Vigil to Mass Shooting Victims.” 

Placing names of gun violence victims on the "tree of remembrance."

Placing names of gun violence victims on the “tree of remembrance.”

The Congregational Church  in Chappaqua was host to an interfaith vigil against gun violence. Families of gun violence victims placed the names of their loved ones on a “tree of remembrance.”

Today, December 14, NYAGV’s Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett will be speaking at a press conference in New York City with Representative Carolyn Maloney to commemorate the Sandy Hook anniversary. “Gun violence takes over 33,000 American lives each year–and impacts so many thousands more as families and friends deal with the aftermath,” said Barrett. Our thoughts today are with all gun violence victims and their loved ones,” she added.