Last week New York State’s legislative session came to a close.  On gun violence prevention legislation, results were mixed:

Progress on Guns and Domestic Violence

A new law was passed that requires the removal of all firearms from individuals convicted of domestic violence crimes, including misdemeanors. NYAGV advocated for this law since it will help prevent domestic violence gun crimes by keeping guns away from abusive partners. More information on this new law here. 

Inaction on Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) 

Disappointingly, The New York State Senate failed to act on the ERPO bill. The Assembly had passed ERPO with strong bipartisan support, and the Governor made ERPO a priority.  But the Senate majority sided with the gun lobby and refused to advance this evidence-based, common sense bill.

The ERPO law would empower family, household members, law enforcement, and school officials to petition a court to temporarily remove guns from individuals who are dangerous to themselves or others.  ERPO laws have proven to prevent suicides and homicides.

NYAGV is committed to passing the ERPO bill and will continue to work with our broad coalition of lawmakers, advocates, health professionals, law enforcement, and others determined to save lives.

Call your New York State Senator and find out how he or she voted on ERPO!  And remember that vote when you go to vote in November!

Thank you for standing with us as we continue our fight to reduce gun violence in New York and across the country.