“Another mass shooting with multiple dead and injured has occurred at an Oregon college, a place where students should feel safe. Our thoughts are with the families of the dead and injured. We know from too much experience that the horror of this shooting has yet to truly set in but the victims and survivors and their families, friends and the entire community will be forever changed.

In the hours to come, we will learn about the shooter, what type of weapon he used and how he got it. However, we do know that this shooting is a reflection of our nation’s inability to address our raging gun violence epidemic.

Our weak federal gun laws make it ridiculously easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun. Congress has failed to enact criminal background checks for all gun sales; trafficking guns carries the same penalty as trafficking chickens; and high capacity ammunition magazines and military-purposed assault weapons are perfectly legal.

Congress has been too cowed by the National Rifle Association and its lobbyists to enact common sense measures to keep guns out of dangerous hands. The American people need to get angry and demand action from our political leaders or elect leaders who will finally act to stem the senseless slaughter. Until that happens, these horrific events will continue to occur and, to our shame, define us.”