A New Yorker blogpost tackles the question, “How can we defeat the NRA?,” with input from NYAGV’s Executive Director, Leah Gunn Barrett.  Barrett and other gun safety advocates speak about the many organizations fighting for common sense gun laws–moms, mayors, victims, doctors, state and local groups and more –and the coordination of these grass roots efforts vs. the NRA’s single, monolithic voice. “Our fragmented approach has its advantages,” states Barrett in the piece.

Arkadi Gerney, a former head of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, now a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, agrees, adding “It’s going to take a bunch of actors and a lot of voices. . . to engage.”

Click here to read The New Yorker blogpost by John Cassidy in his May 8  “Rational Irrationality” column.

New Yorker blogpost with NYAGV.