Collins’ bill would override gun laws enacted by state and local governments

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence condemns H.R. 3576, a federal bill introduced by Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY 27, shown in photo) that would preempt state and local gun safety laws regulating rifles and shotguns, including background check requirements.

The bill would pose a danger to New Yorkers by overriding the common sense gun laws enacted by the state and local governments. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has also condemned this federal proposal and expressed strong support for New York State’s gun safety laws. New York has the third lowest gun death rate in the nation, due in part to its common sense gun laws and low rates of gun ownership.

Rebecca Fischer, NYAGV Executive Director, stated: “Representative Collins’ dangerous proposal is a drastic, politically-driven attempt to override state and local laws that reasonably regulate the sale and transfer of shotguns and rifles, including assault weapons and high capacity magazines. This extreme federal legislation would even gut applicable background check requirements and allow felons, domestic abusers, and others who are a danger to themselves or others to easily access such guns.”

Gary Pudup, NYAGV’s Western New York Coordinator, stated: “It is interesting that Congressman Collins holds himself out as having conservative values and yet he is pushing a bill that would challenge the rights of states and localities to set policy regarding gun sales. As a gun owner and retired police officer myself, I also find it incomprehensible that any reasonable, law-abiding gun owner would be in favor of eliminating background checks on the sale of rifles and shotguns.”

Read NYAGV’s full statement here.

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