Child access prevention (CAP) and microstamping will highlight NYAGV’s gun safety legislative priorities for New York State in 2014.

On January 15–the one-year anniversary of the NY SAFE Act–NYAGV announced gun safety proposals for the new legislative session that builds on NY SAFE and maintains the state’s role as a national leader on sensible gun safety laws.

NYAGV's legislative priority: Preventing child access to guns

NYAGV’s legislative priority: Preventing child access to guns

Legislative priorities include:

  • Child Access Prevention: Require the safe storage of a gun using a gun safe, trigger lock, or secure gun cabinet when a gun is not in the immediate possession or control of the owner, to prevent improper access and unintentional shooting, particularly by children.
  • Microstamping: Require all semi-automatic handguns sold or delivered in New York to be equipped with a feature that imprints a unique code onto the shell casings every time a gun is fired, to assist in solving crimes and deter straw purchasers and gun trafficking.
  • One-Gun-a-Month Limit and Waiting Period for Purchases: Limit buyers to one handgun a month to reduce straw purchases and trafficking, and require a ten-day waiting period before a purchaser takes possession of a firearm to give law enforcement officials sufficient time to perform a background check and help guard against impulsive acts of violence.
  • Protection for Domestic Violence Victims: Empower emergency responders to remove firearms from the scene of a domestic violence dispute.
  • Ban on 50-Caliber Military-Style Sniper Rifles: Ban the sale of certain .50 caliber rifles with very high power and long range, in the manner the SAFE Act banned the sales of assault weapons with certain features.
  • Better Use of Background Checks. Require dealers to report to law enforcement when failed background checks reveal that people have attempted to buy guns they are prohibited from owning. Require gun dealer employees who handle weapons to pass background checks.

NYAGV will work closely with New York State Assemblymembers Michelle Schimel and Brian Kavanagh, Co-Chairs of State Legislators Against Illegal Guns-NY (SLAIGNY) and other state legislators on the proposed legislation.

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