New York Gun Laws Compared to U.S. Gun Laws

About New York Gun Laws: With the January 2013 passage of the NY SAFE Act, New York now has the most comprehensive gun laws in the country. In fact, New York law is far tougher than existing federal gun laws.  The chart below outlines major New York gun laws as compared to existing federal gun laws.


What is still missing in New York and Federal Law?

New York Laws: Although passage of the NY SAFE Act was a major accomplishment, our work to combat gun violence in New York’s communities continues. New York law still lacks several measures, including: microstamping and gun dealer employee background checks.

Federal Laws:

There are major gaps in federal laws that impact New York’s ability to fight gun violence. Legislation is currently pending in Congress that would address these gaps:

To learn more about Federal and State gun laws, go to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence