While many gun supporters oppose any reasonable limits on who should be able to buy and carry a gun, they also claim to be for “law and order.” However, the Senate’s vote on April 17th against background checks was clearly a vote against law and order. With the vote, dangerous criminals, the seriously mentally ill and domestic abusers will continue to be able to purchase their weapons of choice exploiting the gaping hole in current federal law that allows private and online sales to proceed without background checks.

Over 40% of guns purchased in the U.S. each year are sold without background checks and we know that many people who should not have guns are getting them through guns shows, the internet and in other private transactions. The recent investigative report by The New York Times“Seeking Gun or Selling One, Web Is a Land of Few Rules,” shows how people legally barred from gun ownership can easily buy weapons online.

The bipartisan “Manchin-Toomey” amendment to Senate bill S.649 was supported by almost 90% of Americans and called for universal background checks on guns sold at gun shows and via the internet. It would have been a significant improvement on current federal law.

But 45 Senators shamefully caved in to the gun lobby and voted against this common sense measure. By voting no, they voted against the wishes of their constituents, against public safety and against law and order. There should be a background check before the NRA is allowed to buy a US Senator!

See how your Senators voted. And if they voted no, tell them they’ve lost your vote and your support—you won’t take no for an answer on universal background checks.