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Click the image above to download the Kelly Report on Gun Violence in America.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly, a Democrat from Illinois, has issued a report on gun violence that she hopes will spur Congressional action on the issue.

Citing the horrifying state of gun violence in the U.S. (see below), Kelly calls for both community-based anti-violence strategies–like after school programs–and legislative proposals including smart gun technology and background checks on all gun sales.

NYAGV agrees that youth education is a significant part of gun violence prevention, and runs after-school programs in New York City high schools and middle schools. Teens completing this full-year program–called the reACTION Youth Program–show a change in attitudes about guns and learn that they can solve problems and improve their lives without resorting to guns.

Find out more about the reACTION Youth Program to prevent gun violence.

Read the Kelly Report on Gun Violence in America here (pdf).

Gun Violence in the U.S.–Stats from the Kelly Report:

  • Every year, more than 100,000 Americans are shot and 30,000 killed.
  • Half of America’s shooting deaths are of people under the age of 30.
  • The U.S. accounts for just 4.5% of the world’s population, but 40% of its civilian firearms.
  • Evidence suggests few homicides are premeditated and the presence of a gun facilitates a more likely deadly outcome–especially with domestic violence shootings.
  • Reports show that in suicide deaths, a person with fleeting bouts of depression who possesses a gun is more likely to use that gun on impulse rather than seek treatment.
  • Stand-your-ground laws have increased homicide rates and resulted in no corresponding reduction in criminal activity.

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