nyagv-woman-w-sign-croppedIn the two years since the Sandy Hook shootings, there have been 91 school shootings and more than 60,000 American deaths from gun violence.

Come out this Thursday, December 11 at noon to the steps of NY City Hall and gather with NYAGV, elected officials, and dozens of moms, dads, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers to call for enhanced gun laws aimed at protecting our children.
Speakers include:
  • NYS Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, Co-Chair, State Legislators Against Illegal Guns
  • Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., District Attorney, New York County
  • NYS Senator Daniel Squadron, member, State Lawmakers Against Illegal Guns
  • Jumaane D. Williams, Member, New York City Council
  • Leah Gunn Barrett, Executive Director, NYAGV
  • Adam Ettelbrick, Senior at Fieldston School, member of the student advisory council of Friends Against Violence Everywhere (FAVE)

Participants will discuss the difference New York’s gun laws have made in reducing gun deaths and outline what still needs to be done to protect New Yorkers from gun violence–including the passage of Nicholas’s Law to protect children from unsecured guns in the home, as well as stronger gun dealer regulations to prevent guns from ending up on our streets.

The City Hall event will coincide with the “National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence,” also on December 11, remembering all victims of gun violence in America.

“Smart Gun Laws Work” Press Conference and Rally

Please come out Thursday and show your support for smart gun laws that work!