The Problem: Every gun in the United States starts off as a legal firearm but can quickly become illegal in a number of ways. Each year thousands of guns purchased legally make their way into the hands of criminals and end up killing innocent people. In 2010 there were more than 5,000 guns trafficked into New York State and used in crimes that were from sales in other states.

Bulk gun sales:With the exception of 2 states, anyone can buy an unlimited number of guns at one time.  Multiple gun sales to the same person at one single purchase are a leading indicator of illegal firearm trafficking, and those guns are frequently later found to be used in crime.

One gun dealer in Ohio sold 87 identical handguns in one purchase to one gun trafficker, James Bostic, who then flooded the streets of Buffalo, New York with those guns.  Bostic trafficked more guns onto Buffalo streets than any other trafficker in western New York. At least 80 of the 250 guns Bostic purchased from the Ohio dealer have been recovered in crime in Buffalo including homicides, attempted homicides and robberies.

The Solution:  Enact a one gun a month law in New York and at the federal level. Historically Virginia was a leading source of crime guns recovered in New York. In 1993 after Virginia passed a one-handgun-per-month law, the number of guns recovered in a crime in New York originating from Virginia dropped by 71%. Unfortunately in March 2012 Virginia repealed its one gun a month law.