NYS needs CAP laws to help keep kids safe from gun violence.

Today, on National Ask Day-and everyday your child goes to a friend’s house to play–ask that question. One-third of U.S. households own guns—so chances are, some of your neighbors do, too.

In New York, we’re trying to prevent unintentional shootings and suicides in children by passing Nicholas’s Law (A.8293/S.7822). 

This crucial measure would require gun owners to safely lock and store their weapons away from children. It’s named for 12-year-old Nicholas Naumkin (right), who was shot and killed by a friend playing with his father’s gun.

Nicholas Naumkin

Nicholas Naumkin

We’re making progress–Nicholas’s Law was introduced in the NYS Senate on June 12, after its earlier Assembly introduction–but there’s more to do.

Please help pass Nicholas’s Law to ensure the safe storage of guns in New York: