We’ve seen way too often how when an individual in crisis has access to guns the result is often deadly–whether it’s a suicide of a loved one or a mass shooting of scores of innocent people. We must act to keep guns away from these individuals to prevent gun deaths and injuries!

Individuals in crisis often exhibit “red flag” behavior or other warning signs indicating that they are dangerous to themselves or others.  But under current law, even when loved ones report their fears to law enforcement, police may not have the authority to intervene.

Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Laws enable family, household members, and law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily suspend the individual’s access to firearms. The laws have proven to be an effective way to mass shootings,  suicides by firearm, domestic gun violence,  and other gun deaths and injuries.

NYAGV is advocating for an Extreme Risk Protection Order bill (S.7133/A.8976)in New York. Please support this crucial ERPO legislation by signing this petition now!


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Read more about the bill with NYAGV’s Extreme Risk Protection Order fact sheet.

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