NYAGV Executive Director Rebecca Fischer speaking at the State Senate Democratic Conference press event on May 9.

The gun lobby and their friends in Washington are pushing measures that will bring more guns into our communities. To resist their dangerous agenda and keep New Yorkers safe, we need to strengthen our state laws.

NYAGV has been working hard with lawmakers, law enforcement, and advocates to urge passage of several common sense gun safety measures.

This New York State legislative session, we’re focused on bills to:

  1. Keep guns away from individuals in crisis. To reduce suicides and mass shootings, the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill would enable family members and others to petition a court to remove guns from individuals who are dangerous to themselves or others.
  2. Bar those convicted of hate crimes from owning guns. The Hate Crime Loophole bill would prevent the lethal mix of guns and hate.
  3. Require the safe storage of guns. “Nicholas’s Law” would require gun owners to lock and store their firearms safely when not in their immediate possession or control, reducing unintentional shootings, suicides and gun thefts.
  4. Fund gun violence research. Congress has blocked federal funding for gun violence research. Several New York State bills would fund research that is critical to our efforts to reduce gun violence.

Take Action!

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