Amy Domini, Founder and CEO of Domini Social Investments

Amy Domini, Founder and CEO of Domini Social Investments

Amy Domini, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Domini Social Investments, will be the recipient of the NYAGV Founder’s Award at the 2014 Annual Benefit & Silent Auction on October 20 in New York City.

Widely recognized as the leading voice for socially responsible investing, Ms. Domini is being honored for her advocacy against investments in firearm manufacturers.

Ms. Domini—who was named by Time Magazine to the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people in 2005—is the author of several books, including Socially Responsible Investing: Making a Difference and Making Money and The Challenges of Wealth; and a coauthor of Investing for Good, The Social Investment Almanac , and Ethical Investing.

Here are articles from Domini Social Investments advocating against gun investments:

NYAGV Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett commented, “Gun violence needs to be fought on several fronts– and financial investment and divestment as advocated by Amy Domini is crucial. Gun manufacturers need to realize that investors will no longer give their money to an industry that promotes and profits from the horrific level of gun violence in this country.”

Domini Social Investments specializes exclusively in socially responsible investing, serving investors interested in creating positive social and environmental results along with their competitive financial returns. Firearm manufacturers—as well as tobacco and military weapons manufacturers–are excluded from Domini’s investment portfolio, since they are misaligned with Domini’s goals of human dignity and ecological sustainability.

Join us! Attend the NYAGV Education Fund Annual Benefit on October 20 to honor Amy Domini and other leaders in gun violence prevention. Reserve your tickets here!