Besides concerns about guns on campus leading to accidental shootings and stifling debate in the classroom, experts are worried about increased suicides as well, according to a recent article featured on


More than 1,000 suicides occur on college campuses each year in the U.S. Jeffrey Swanson, a medical sociologist at Duke University, says “We know that college students are in this zone between adolescence and adulthood, with greatly increased risk factors for suicide including binge drinking and depression.” Guns on college campuses are “a bad idea. It seems like a no brainer.”

College “Decision Day” is May 1–so it’s time for high school seniors to decide what school they’ll be attending in the fall. Campus gun policies should be part of the college decision. Some states now force colleges and universities to allow concealed guns on campus–despite the strong opposition of college presidents and faculty. Texas is the most recent state to allow concealed carry, and Georgia could be next.

Check out the map below from about state campus gun policies, and consider avoiding the red states–they force colleges to allow the carrying of firearms on their premises (i.e. campus grounds, classrooms, dormitories, or parking lots).

Read “Suicide is ‘Forgotten’ in the Campus Carry Debate, Researchers Say,” The, April 14, 2016

Guns on Campus: State Policies

Click here for an interactive version of the map with links to specific state policies.