Rather than being used for self-defense, guns in the home are 22 times more likely to be involved in accidental shootings, homicides, or suicide attempts. Many of these accidental deaths involve children–like the recent heartbreaking reports of a 2-year-old shot by a 7-year old; a 3-year-old shooting himself; a 6-year-old shot by his older brother, and so many others.

Child access prevention laws needed.

Child access prevention laws needed in NYS.

NYAGV is working to enact new gun safety laws in New York State that require child access prevention (CAP) and safe storage of firearms, and supports New York Assembly bill A-03941, the Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act, sponsored by Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg. The Act “creates crimes of failure to store a weapon safely in the first and second degrees, aggravated failure to store a weapon, and criminally negligent storage of a weapon in the first and second degrees and directs the commissioner of education to develop a weapons safety program.”

How can you help? Contact your representative in the New York State Assembly and urge him or her to support the bill!  Find your New York State elected officials here.

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