In a recent independent poll of New York voters, upstate voters supported all of the six gun safety measures proposed, almost as much as residents did state-wide.

Gun ownership is higher upstate, home to many of the state’s rural areas. The corporate gun lobby has also targeted upstate and its gun owners with an aggressive misinformation campaign about New York’s strong gun laws. Despite this, on average, upstate voters supported new common sense gun measures 68% of the time, vs. state-wide support of 76%.

Support for Proposed Gun Safety Legislation
Proposal Upstate State-wide Gap
Safe storage/Nicholas’s Law 89% 91% 2%
Add’l inspections of gun dealers 62% 70% 8%
Surrender guns w domestic violence misd conviction 68% 78% 10%
Microstamping 79% 87% 8%
Ban .50 caliber rifles 61% 67% 6%
Purchase limit 1 gun/month 51% 64% 13%
Average support 68.3% 76.2% 7.5%

NYAGV Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett commented, “These results show that New York residents, no matter where they live, know it’s smart to keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

Click here for a full polling memo from Kiley & Company, including relevant crosstabs.