concealed-carry-brady-sqPROBLEM: Both houses of Congress are considering a dangerous legislation, federally mandated Concealed Carry Reciprocity (H.R.38/ S.446)which would require New York and other strong gun law states to recognize the concealed carry permits of gun owners from all other states–no matter how weak their gun laws.

Concealed carry reciprocity would preempt New York’s strong gun laws. Since some states with weak gun laws allow people with criminal records or histories of violence to obtain concealed carry permits, these dangerous individuals would be allowed to freely carry their weapons into our state and cities, endangering the safety of New Yorkers. (Imagine a visitor from Texas or Georgia being allowed to carry his gun into tourist destinations like Times Square or Niagara Falls.)

SOLUTION: Take action now to stop this dangerous proposal!  

Click here to tell your Congressional representatives to say NO to federally mandated concealed carry. 

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