“Bump stocks” are attachments that enable semi-automatic weapons to fire much faster–and they need to be banned. 

Twelve of the rifles of the gunman in the Las Vegas mass shooting were modified with bump stocks, allowing him to increase by up to 10 times the number of rounds he could fire, and to increase the carnage he caused. (Typical semi-automatic rifles fire 45 to 60 rounds per minute, but bump stocks can modify the weapon to function like an automatic weapon, firing up to 800 rounds per minute.)

Senator Feinstein (Photo: The Guardian)

Now’s the chance to ban these dangerous tools–from both our state and the entire U.S. 

Please help support these new legislative proposals:

· Federal: Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced a bill that would ban the sale, transfer, import, manufacture, or possession of bump stocks, trigger cranks, and other modifications that can increase a semi-automatic weapon’s firing rate.

· New York State: Assembly Member Patricia Fahy has introduced a bipartisan bill that would ban the purchase of bump stocks in our state. Current law prohibits bump stocks when affixed to semi-automatic firearms, but this law would ban their purchase altogether.

These laws are, of course, narrowly drawn–and there are so many more initiatives we need (such as expanded federal background checks) to reduce gun violence in America.

But let’s act to get these bills passed now–before the conversation fades about this latest horrific mass shooting.

Please take action today!

Contact your U.S. and state legislators today and urge them to ban bump stocksClick here to get their contact information.

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