The New York Extreme Risk (“Red Flag”) Protection Order bill is now law, after being signed on February 25 by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The law–which was one of NYAGV’s top legislative priorities–establishes a court process for removing firearms from individuals who pose a serious threat to themselves or others. The bill passed both houses of the state legislature with bipartisan support on January 29.

NYAGV’s Rebecca Fischer (standing behind the Governor), joined Governor Andrew Cuomo, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other gun violence prevention advocates at the bill signing.

Rebecca Fischer, NYAGV Executive Director, who attended the signing ceremony in New York City, stated, “Today, New York State has again made it a priority to protect our communities by enacting this life-saving gun violence prevention law.”

The Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO/”Red Flag”) Law–S2451 (Kavanagh)/A2689 (Simon)–Empowers family and household members, law enforcement, and school officials to petition a court to suspend access to guns of a person in crisis. Since mass shooters and victims of suicide often exhibit dangerous behavior before fatal shootings, this law will prevent gun deaths and injuries. The law allows the individual in crisis due process, since a judge would determine whether or not the person needs to be prohibited from buying, selling, or possessing firearms on a temporary and potentially long-term basis.

Read NYAGV’s press release below: 

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Applauds Governor Cuomo for signing Extreme Risk Protection Order Legislation To Prevent Gun Violence, 2/25/19