This Kadie Salfi work shows the gun used in the Columbine shooting, at "Project for a Re-volution."

“Red Guns” by Kadie Salfi at “Project Re-volution” shows the gun used in the Columbine shooting.

Two art exhibits currently underway in Ithaca take on the issue of gun violence.

“Project for a Re-volution in New York, at the Tompkins County Library through April 9, features works on various social and political issues, including guns in society. Kadie Salfi’s “Red Guns” features individual images of guns identified with the particular school shooting in which the gun was used.

"Cross for the Unforgiven: 10th Anniversary," by Mel Chin.

“Cross for the Unforgiven: 10th Anniversary,” by Mel Chin, at “UNLOADED.”

⋅  “UNLOADED,” at the Handwerker Gallery at Ithaca College through March 6, examines  the historical and social issues surrounding guns in American culture. The show features multi-media work by 20 artists.

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