In a year marked by social unrest, economic instability, and the deadliest pandemic in a century, New York’s largest cities saw a dramatic increase in shootings and firearm homicides.  

New York City observed 1,531 shooting incidents in 2020, up from the 777 incidents registered in 2019. 1,868 people in New York City were struck by bullets last year, which is more than double the number of people struck by bullets in 2019. The surge in shootings and firearm casualties came at a time when total homicides in New York City rose 45%.

Similar trends occurred in upstate New York, with the Rochester Police Department reporting 52 homicides in 2020, up from 32 in 2019. In 83% of the 2020 homicides, firearms were the weapon of choice. In Buffalo, the number of shooting victims skyrocketed to 355, up from 188 the year before.

In the wake of these events, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence has put forward its 2021 State Legislative Agenda, comprised of several bills, designed to curb the gun violence epidemic. 

During an interview with WCNY, Rebecca Fischer, Executive Director of NYAGV, explained the need for the New York State Assembly and Senate to enact a ban on untraceable ghost guns. Fischer also advocated for the funding of gun violence prevention programs in low-income communities and for a microstamping requirement on semi-automatic pistols to help law enforcement solve gun crimes. 

You can listen to Rebecca Fischer’s full interview here.

Additionally, please sign the petition and call your lawmakers to pass NYAGV’s 2021 State Legislative Agenda.