Federal background checks are needed to close the gun show and online sale loophole.

Federal background checks are needed to close the gun show and online sale loophole.

PROBLEM:  A loophole in federal law enables dangerous individuals to avoid background checks by purchasing firearms from private sellers at gun shows and on internet gun sites that are not required to perform background checks on buyers. In addition, due to lax enforcement in some states, millions of records of mentally ill and violent offenders are currently missing from the national gun background check system.

In April 2013, 45 U.S. Senators shamefully caved in to the gun lobby and voted against common sense universal background checks. By voting no, they voted against the wishes of their constituents, against public safety, and against law and order.

SOLUTION:  Enact federal background checks on commercial gun sales and stronger enforcement requirements. NYAGV and other gun safety groups continue to fight in Congress to enact comprehensive criminal background checks and other gun safety measures that would prevent dangerous individuals from gaining easy access to firearms.


U.S. Senate–Contact Senators and tell them you won’t take no for an answer, and that you demand they support universal background checks. Click here for Senator Twitter handles and which Senators voted against universal background checks.

U.S. House of Representatives–Urge your Congressional representative to support H.R. 1217 and to resist gun lobby pressure to water down or block this legislation. H.R. 1217, the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act of 2015,  is the House’s version of the Manchin-Toomey background check amendment (that failed in the Senate in 2013 by just five votes). This bipartisan bill, introduced on March 3rd, 2015, is sponsored by Reps. Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Peter King (R-NY) and is con-sponsored by Kathleen Rice (D-NY), Robert Dold (R-IL), Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Pat Meehan (R-PA), Bennie Thompson (D-MS), and Elizabeth Esty (D-CT).

Click here to get contact information for your Representative.

Click here for a summary of H.R.1217.