Microstamping is like DNA for guns--and it would help law enforcement catch criminals.

Microstamping is like DNA for guns–and it would help law enforcement catch criminals.

THE PROBLEM: Gun crimes provide criminals with the safety of distance and often result in fewer witnesses and less crime scene evidence than other types of crimes. The deadly threat of gun crimes also frequently instills fear of retaliation in witnesses and discourages them from coming forward. Homicides using weapons have a national clearance rate of only 61%, and f or all gun crimes, the clearance rates are even lower.  Police need every tool available to solve gun crimes and get dangerous, violent criminals off the streets.

THE SOLUTION: Microstamping requirements. New York law enforcement needs every tool available to help catch dangerous criminals and make our communities safe. By tracing criminals through their guns and ammunition using an inexpensive technology called microstamping, we can help law enforcement solve crimes.

Microstamping technology stamps a unique code onto shell casings every time a semi-automatic pistol is fired. The semi-automatic pistol is the gun criminals use most and the unique code provides an easy-to-follow link back to the original purchaser of the weapon.  Police officers and forensics experts use shell casings found at crime scenes to help identify suspects but without microstamping their results are very limited. Without modern forensic tools like microstamping, law enforcement is hamstrung in trying to solve gun crimes. And without the ability to solve gun crimes, thousands of violent gun-toting criminals remain on the streets of New York with their guns, putting us all at risk.