Together, here’s what we accomplished in 2018:

We elected more gun-violence-prevention champions. Thanks to your votes, the New York State Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives now have majorities committed to gun violence prevention. NYAGV looks forward to working with these new representatives–and holding them accountable–to enact laws and policies that help keep our communities safe.

√ We strengthened New York’s laws to prevent domestic violence. New York State enacted a new law that bars the purchase and possession of guns by convicted domestic abusers and requires abusers to surrender all firearms, not just handguns.

√ √ We galvanized the public to demand strong federal gun laws and oppose dangerous, NRA-backed
Thanks to your support, the federal government finally took regulatory action and banned bump stocks–the gun accessory that was used in the Las Vegas shooting. We also defeated federal Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation, which would have overridden strong state gun laws and allowed individuals from weak gun law states to carry hidden, loaded guns in New York.

 We supported and empowered youth activists.  After the tragic mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, NYAGV helped New York youth activists fight for a future free of gun violence by:

  • Organizing hundreds of students from our ReACTION Youth Program to participate in the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.
  • Bringing hundreds of students from across New York State for our annual Albany Advocacy Day, where they met with legislators and staff from their districts.
  • Supporting Youth Over Guns, a grassroots group of young people of color, as they led thousands of New Yorkers across the Brooklyn Bridge for National Gun Violence Prevention Awareness Day.

Also in 2018, Youth Over Guns became a part of NYAGV. We will work with these young people to raise awareness about gun violence impacting New York communities of color and empower them to advocate for life-saving policies and programs.

Priorities for 2019

With your support, we’ll continue to fight for strong gun laws and programs during 2019, including these top priorities:

  • New York State Extreme Risk (“Red Flag”) Protection Order legislation that will keep guns away from individuals in crisis and help prevent suicides and mass shootings.
  • Strengthening our background check system at the state and federal levels and urging passage of a federal assault weapons ban.
  • Federal and state funding for gun violence research and community-based solutions to save lives in New York communities.
  • Programs and policies that keep our children and schools safe and opposing measures to arm teachers and school personnel.
  • More leadership and advocacy opportunities, particularly for youth, across New York State and in Washington, D.C.

Will you help us make more progress toward a safer New York in 2019?

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